So I’ve now hit the 6 month mark of my Health and Fitness journey and I’m more surprised than anybody !!

In the past six months I’ve made some pretty amazing changes to my life, including swapping some very unhealthy habits for healthy ones. I live a completely different lifestyle now and I couldn’t be happier.


I love the fact that I can see muscle definition, it’s such a great feeling to be fit and healthy. It’s amazing how quickly you can replace bad habits with good ones. I have a totally different mindset, and a totally different routine now.

To anyone who is struggling with a weight issue, or who wants to change but isn’t quite sure how to do it, my advice would be to take a deep breath, and just jump right in. Mindset is a big part of being successful. Surround yourself with positive people who believe in you, and don’t forget to believe in yourself. Most people know what changes they need to make, they just lack the belief that they can actually make them.

I was that way for most of my adult life. I listened to the negative voice in my head that said I would never be able to change, that I would always struggle. The voice was wrong. You have the power to change that voice in your head, because that voice is just your own doubts.

Someone much smarter than me said that what you chose to focus on, expands. If you chose to focus on the negatives, they will expand in your mind until they feel overwhelming, but do you know whats great about that?? It works BOTH ways. If you choose to focus on the good, the positive, that’s what fills your mind.

So choose to fill your mind with the good stuff, and don’t leave room for the bad.

Life is too short to walk around with a head full of negative crap. It’s also too short for lots of other stuff, but we’ll cover some of that next time.

Nikki xx

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