Let’s Get Physical

What if I told you that you could eat whatever you want to over the Christmas period, and not gain any weight? Sounds too good to be true, right? It’s totally possible! With Exercise !

It’s a magical activity that lets you eat more over Christmas. Oh, and it also gives you a healthy mind, healthy body, heaps more energy and awesome feel good endorphins. But back to the Christmas part…


The average weight gain for adults over the Christmas period is 2-3kgs. Doesn’t seem like much, does it? Now factor in that most adults do NOT lose holiday weight for an average of 6 months. Let that sink in for a minute. Gain 2-3kgs and then have it hanging off you for the next 6 months.ย Don’t forget, 3 of those months will be SUMMER ! I’ll pass on that.

So what are the alternatives? You can eat clean, scoff at family and friends as they eat yummy food and drink yummy drinks, all the while dying inside….. or you could hit the gym, the road, the treadmill, the bike, or whatever else you do to exercise, and spend Christmas enjoying the same things as your family, instead of sneakily sniffing the empty shortbread tin like it’s a line of coke and you’re Robert Downey Jnr circa 1987, 1994 and possibly 2007.


Exercise is good. It really is. It’s helped me drop 25kgs so far, and I have no plans on stopping until I have a banging bod that looks good in exercise gear ( ironic, isn’t it?) if you really want to see the magic of exercise and how it can help you over the holidays, just download an app called My Fitness Pal. I really love that app. One minute, you have 300 calories left for dinner… then you log your exercise for the day and BAM! just like magic, you have 650 !!

So this Christmas, instead of either being a total kill joy at the dinner table and snacking on Kale (ugh) while giving douchy looks to your family, or pigging out and putting on 2-3kgs that will be your friend for the next 6 months, head to the gym, work up a sweat and then get on with your day !


Even Santa loves making gains !

One thought on “Let’s Get Physical

  1. Love this. The photos of santa working out made me laugh. Im a biscuit tin sniffer. If i cant eat im certainly going to have a good sniff. ๐Ÿ™‚ check out my blog too. Follow for a follow ๐Ÿ™‚ x


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