Got Balance?

I know I’ve written about this before but it’s worth writing it again !

Life is all about balance.


Last weekend I went out. And I drank. Ok I drank a lot. And yes, those of you who are on my facebook (feel free to add me) saw my check in at a nightclub at 4am 🙂  This seems to have sparked some ‘controversy’ amongst people who also know that I’ve been on a bit of a journey the past few months, well 5 months now to be exact. I got some raised eyebrows and a couple of messages on facebook and even a text message asking me the same question….. “But, I thought you were all about health now?” I am all about health now, and part of being healthy is finding a balance.

You can drink, you can eat ‘holiday food’ you can enjoy yourself. But the best part about the program I’m doing is that you can go right back to putting great nutrition into your body and then cleanse away the nasties. I drank Vodka and Petron and Espresso Martinis and something red ? ( no idea, not really fussed on knowing) gave up completely on logging into My Fitness Pal ( sorry Jamie lol) I ended up eating shitty food at 3 am, because that’s what you do on a big night out.

Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 5.07.45 PM

And you know what? Just 3 days after all of those shenanigans I hit a milestone I’ve been trying to hit for AGES !!

I’ve now lost a total of 25kgs !!  As a friend of mine put it… that’s a small pony LOL ( Love your guts Shannon !! )



Don’t use the holidays as an excuse to not start shooting for your goals. Start now. Get the jump start on all the resolutioners (new word, totally mine). You can still enjoy all your Christmas goodies, you’re just minimising the damage !!

Train hard, live life and have fun

Nikki xx

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