Making Gains !!

Firstly, apologies for the lack of blog updates. It’s been a while ! Everything is still on track, I’ve just been super busy.

I’m down 23kgs now and so many cms that I’ve lost count. I’m loving my healthier lifestyle and I think part of the reason I’ve been so busy is that I’ve been getting out and about a bit more 🙂

I’m half way through an 8 week body challenge at my gym (Anytime Fitness in Caroline Springs, Best. Gym. Ever) and even 4 months into my journey, I still lost 4 kgs in 4 weeks at the halfway weight in. 5cms off my waist and 6 cms off my abdo/hip area. It’s amazing that I can still be dropping these kinds of numbers so far into my program, but I guess that shows you what good nutrition and a positive mindset can do for you ! And all of that came at a time when I felt like I had stopped progressing !!

A few changes I’ve noticed lately. I have a waist ! My fitness has improved A LOT. I’m now at the gym 5-6 times a week, and I love it ! I’m stronger, I feel healthier, and my confidence has improved too.

I can’t keep up with the need for new clothes, so I basically live in leggings and t shirts now, I’m getting very good at dressing up leggings !

My mindset has changed dramatically. I got my first sports injury as some of you know. I hurt my rotator cuff. Not really sure how, but it’s on the mend now. Insead of using it as an excuse not to train, I just trained around it. Basically I just had to do leg day for about 2 weeks. Which is how I did this on the leg press:


200kgs, plus the 40 kg sled

Then a week later I was able to do THIS:


210kgs plus the 40 kg sled

I’ve had a few e mails in the past couple of weeks asking me for a sample diary if you like, of what I eat and how I train. I’ll post a sample in the next few days.

Nikki x

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