The Plateau !

I used to listen to people talk about their weight loss and the dreaded plateau, and think to myself, I would LOVE to get to the point where I could complain about that. I guess the last 2 weeks has actually been an official plateau, because even though the scales stopped moving, cms kept falling… I just didn’t realise it.


So, because I am….me, I didn’t tell anyone. I just had multiple internal freak outs every day for 2 weeks because my weight stopped dropping. As someone who has tried and failed to lose weight more times than I can count, it was terrifying. Was this where the dream run ended? Where I gave up and went back to old habits like I had done so many times before? A little nasty piece of my mind just sort of smirked and said “Here we go again.”

Finally, I told my personal trainer (who by the way I feel REALLY sorry for. He has to put up with me and my smart mouth 3 times a week) He was so casual I could have punched him. Did he not understand?? The scales WEREN’T MOVING. His advice was to get off the scales. My nutrition was spot on, I had worked out 5 times that week, my water intake was good, so basically, calm down and stop panicking. He also mentioned that my measurements had probably changed.


So of course the next day I measured myself, and he was right. I had lost 8cms off my waist and 10 cms off my hips, in 2 weeks! So lesson learned once again, stay off the scales. The number doesn’t mean anything.

But, as far as plateaus go, apart from being annoying to spell, they can also be hard to push through. It’s incredibly demoralising to work so hard day after day and not ‘see’ the results on the scales. So, how do you break through a plateau?

According to people who know more than me, if you stick to your eating and exercise plan, you should see weight coming off again in about 3 weeks.  During that time, you should also see movement in the tape measure and changes to your muscle tone. Also during that time try not to have a complete melt down inside your own head.

Another way to help break the plateau is to increase your consumption of protein. This helps with building lean muscle and will in turn help you burn more fat.

The one thing this past couple of weeks has proven to me is that I am way tougher than I give myself credit for. My mental state has completely changed. Although I had some old thought patterns try and return, I was strong enough this time to not give in to them. That’s a big plus !!

Having said all that, plateaus suck and may they never darken my doorstep again !

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