The S word

With Summer fast approaching, it’s gotten me thinking about all the things I used to dread. Like Summer. And bathing suits. And dresses. And hot weather that I couldn’t cope with. Or having to walk…anywhere. Not because I didn’t like walking, but because of how embarrassed I got at my lack of fitness. Oh and the pack a day of ciggies probably didn’t help.


For the first time in years, I am actually looking forward to Summer. I’m looking forward to being out and about and not staying inside because I can’t cope with the heat. I’m definitely not scared to walk anywhere, and I’m not scared to wear dresses anymore in case someone mistakes me for a pregnant woman. I even busted out a party dress Friday night ! No one offered me a pregnant lady seat, or frowned at my cheeky glass of red 🙂

It’s so silly to look back at how I used to feel, now that I know I could have changed it. Way back then. I could have enjoyed a lot of summers, and a lot of party dresses. I could have enjoyed the rides at Movie World.

It’s a long list!!

So, here’s to no more dreading of anything !!

The only thing I dread now are Burpees. Those things suck


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