Changing your mindset

Last week, the day after my PT session, I was a little sore. Actually, I thought maybe I had injured myself. My back was very stiff and I was getting in and out of chairs like I was 9 months pregnant, and for the next 3 days if something fell to the floor, that’s where it stayed. I was physically unable to bend over, and apparently teenagers are physically unable to see items that are on the floor.

It turns out that the soreness and ‘suspected injury’ was just a result of, you know, actually using some muscles I hadn’t used in decades! At this point I would like to thank Jamie (the best PT ever) for introducing me to kettle bell swings!


**This is not me. I do not wear pink.

Anyway, to get to todays point, I had a bit of an epiphany. Maybe it was the the deep heat fumes, maybe it was the anti inflammatories, who knows. But the whole 3 days I was sore, I found myself thinking the same thing “If I’m still sore at my next PT session on Monday, what exercises CAN I do.” That’s a massive change in my mindset.

The old me would have used my soreness or ‘injury’ as an excuse to cancel the next session, not try and think of exercises I could still do.  The new me realises that you have to work around injuries, or busy schedules, or a love of cheesecake. You can have all of those things and still be healthy. You just have to know how to balance them.

I didn’t realise how quickly you can change your mindset. I didn’t realise how quickly you can make new habits and break old ones. It’s only been 3 months since I was laying on the couch, eating crap and smoking a pack a day!

I guess what I really didn’t realise is how quickly I would change as a person. And it’s all for the better.

Being the deep thinker that I am, I started to wonder just what message I have been sending to my kids for all these years. All of this time being overweight, being a smoker, drinking nothing but coffee and coke all day. Never, EVER exercising, and relying on take away food and T.V. as entertainment. I was very good at lecturing them on the evils of smoking and the importance of drinking water, but I never followed through with that advice for myself. What was speaking louder…. my actions, or my words? Given that both of the kids still live at home, and are subject to the ‘evil dictatorship of the Mother’ they do eat healthy food, and they do drink water instead of soft drink (mostly). But I wonder what habits they would have chosen when they move out on their own?

To this end, I took my daughter with me to the gym yesterday. She has been before, once, when I begged her to come with me to the last gym I signed up with. She loved the new gym, loved the machines, and I suspect she loved watching her mum getting put through her paces in a PT session. Instead of chinese food and a movie, we went and worked out together. Then we came home and had our protein snack shake together. And today, we are both bitching about sore legs… TOGETHER !


I have decided to hold off on my day 90 results as apparently it’s tradition to do day 100 results. I will say that I’m REALLY excited to share how far I’ve come, and I hope to have that blog up next Wednesday 🙂

Also, for anyone interested in doing the program, this week is free shipping week !! My contact details are on the right side of the page.


Tasty Protein Shake. Yum!!

One thought on “Changing your mindset

  1. Great post Nikole!
    Oh I’ve been there post kettle bell swings I feel your pain!
    So inspiring to switch your mindset like that, congratulations on recognising this change in yourself and your ability to move forward at the gym and life!
    Too cute that your daughter came along with you- im sure you are sending an awesome message of good health for her.
    Ahhhhh keep us all in suspense over your results?!!! Bring on wednesday


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