What’s Cookin ?

It’s now 2 1/2 months into my quest for a healthier lifestyle, and I’ve had a few people e mail me since I put my contact details over on the side there —->

People are asking if I’m bored with my eating plan, if I’m craving junk food, if I ever “cheat”and what exactly I’m eating, to achieve my great results 😀

First, can I just say how exciting it is to get e mails from people! Up until now, I had a sneaking suspicion that all my hits were coming from my Mum, who is an avid reader of my blog apparently ! (Hi Mumma xx)

Down to the nitty gritty… what AM I eating? I’m eating great nutrition, that’s what. It’s amazing what your body can do when you fuel it with the right stuff. Every meal I have is packed with as many vitamins, minerals and healthy stuff as I can manage.

I’m following a nutritional cleansing program that has gotten me 80% of the way to where I am ! The other 20% is my winning smile… No seriously, the other 20% is actually getting off the couch and MOVING. But the first 2 months, and 15kgs, was diet alone !

It’s a program packed with the good stuff that allows your body to run the way it was meant to. For example, being new to the gym ( well not new, but new to actually showing up and working out ) The first PT session I did, I felt like I had been hit by a bus, but within 48 hours I felt great. The second PT session, I was prepared for the same feeling, but I was fine the next day. A little sore, but pleasantly so. Before I started nourishing my body, I would have been on the couch for a week, drooling like an infant and using one of these to grab the remote and hug my children!!


Screen Shot 2014-09-09 at 2.28.05 PM

But thanks to great nutrition, it’s all different now. Here’s a sample of what I eat.


Todays’ Lunch :

Chicken Stir-Fry with Voodles

These are voodles:




Made with one of these bad boys:

Screen Shot 2014-09-09 at 2.01.10 PM

Then I added a bit of this business:



And it came out looking like this:



Not very complicated, tasted delish, and worked out at about 450 calories ! So easy to prepare as well. 

So to answer some questions…

No I’m not bored with what I’m eating. There are WAY more healthy recipes than there are fast food places. There are WAY more herbs and spices than there are salt and fat ! 

No I’m not craving junk food. Because a funny thing happens when you put great nutrition into your body. Your body loves it, and it gets PISSED when you try to shove unhealthy food back into it (See below).

No I haven’t “cheated.” This doesn’t mean I have been 100% on the health bandwagon for 2 1/2 months. I just don’t consider it “cheating.” Anytime I deviated from the program, it was a conscious decision. that’s what I love about it, it’s flexible and fits into my life so well. If I know I have a social event or something that I want to do. I change my schedule around and allow for it in my eating plan.

So yes, I can have a piece of cake at a birthday party. Yes I can go to a BBQ and not just ask for salad with no dressing, because no one wants to be THAT girl. I could go to a fast food restaurant and order food as well. I adjust my schedule to allow for certain things. I either pick it up at the gym, or I omit a snack. It’s about being organised, it’s about being aware and it’s about learning portion control.

As for the fast food, I did go “rogue” a couple of times, and you know what? As soon as that food hit my face, I wished I hadn’t. I felt sick and bloated and really paid for it the next day. How did I feed my body that stuff on a regular basis? And it tasted awful too !! Your tastebuds change in only a few short weeks, and food that was ‘boring’ before, becomes really REALLY tasty.

Now I know this blog is about my weight loss journey and I have not included a before and after shot for a little while, or even given any results since I hit the big 15kgs lost. I was getting WAY too obsessed with getting on the scales and I literally had to put them in a cupboard and step away.

I have promised myself that I will weigh in again on day 90 and not before. Today is like, day 70 or something, so if you want to hang around and find out my results, just click the follow button on the right ! 

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