How to lose 40kg in a day !

I’m going to tell you all a secret. Today I’ve dropped about 40kg of unwanted weight…. by cleaning out my closet.


And now I have the Eminem song stuck in my head ! 



Previously if I had managed to lose a bit of weight, I would clean out my closet, pulling down the “fat” clothes and telling myself, i’ll never be that weight again. But in the back of my mind, that nagging thought..  what if you are Nikki? Just like last time, and the time before. So instead of donating the clothes, I would put them all in garbage bags and tuck them in a spare drawer, or hide them in my wardrobe ‘just in case.’

Of course, a few weeks or months later, I would silently pull down the clothes, hang them back up, cry, and not mention it to anyone. All the while beating myself up for failing again. And then eating to make myself feel better. After all, I’ve got plenty of clothes that fit me. 

I’ve never managed to lose this much weight before. And I certainly haven’t managed to keep it off, while continuing to lose more. My clothes now look silly ( and not because of poor fashion choices !) They hang off me. I look like I’m wearing someone else’s clothes. Apparently, some of the clothes make me look like a Hobo (thanks Noah) !

So today I took a big step. I pulled down all the fat clothes that now look baggy and hobo-like, and I put them in bags. But this time, I didn’t squirrel them away for when I get fat again. 

They are gone for good! 





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