Day 60 Results

Well, I hit day 60 a couple of days ago. When I started this journey I never thought I would get this far. History shows that I last about 3-4 days on a ‘diet’ before losing the motivation and the willpower, and burying my emotions in one of these bad boys :


*for those of you not observant enough to note fine print, it say “only 345,978 KCAL” whew, glad it didn’t get to the 350,000, that would be unhealthy…

I’m not really sure how I have made it to day 60, it’s honestly come as a complete surprise. I just didn’t expect to be here.

Actually, only part of that is true. I know how I’ve gotten here. I made a promise to myself. I promised myself that I wouldn’t make excuses anymore. I promised myself that I would, for once in my life, stick to something. I promised myself that I wouldn’t die of a massive heart attack before my gorgeous kids get married or have kids of their own.

So day 60 looks a little something like this:



15 kgs lost and 105 cms. I’ve stopped counting how long it’s been since I had a smoke, but it’s well over a month. I’m still off the coffee and while I have had coke twice (gasp) each time I enjoyed it less. Now I don’t even want it. It tastes like metallic sugar water (no offence coke manufacturer peeps) 

My kids are older now (17 and 15), but I can never go back and be the fit mum who runs around at the park, or the active mum who will actually go in the water with them. I’ve missed out on those times forever. But I CAN be the fit mum now, the healthy mum now and most definitely the HAPPY mum now. I can be a good role model for my kids as they get older……I can be alive.

When you consider that my last cholesterol reading looked more like a top temperature on a Spring day… it’s probably just as well I made the changes.

It’s funny how as a nurse, I can give all the health advice in the world to my patients and their family. I can even instil good habits into my kids while totally ignoring it for myself. Why did I do that for so long? Why wasn’t I important enough to myself, to put the effort into? 



Do you want to know what it took for me to finally make the change?

Two things. 

1. I was sitting outside on one of my tea breaks, having my second cigarette in 15 minutes, and drinking my 4th or 5th coffee of the day. I got a text msg from a friend, excited that her new healthy eating program had arrived. She sent me a picture of the products. I was very hesitant, but happy that she had found something she felt might work for her. Two weeks later I saw her for the first time since she started, and I couldn’t believe the change in her. She had lost weight, she had energy and let me tell you, her skin looked flawless. She’s always had a great complexion, but this was something else. 

2. That same night, I came home to find my son drinking a can of coke. It was not the first time I had seen him have a can of coke, obviously, but there were 2 other empty cans on his desk. My son, who always had a bottle of water with him, was now drinking coke instead. Something inside me clicked and in an instant I saw how my choices were influencing him. I had instilled good habits, sure, but my actions were speaking way louder. 

I called my friend asked her to explain the plan to me, and started the very next week. And now here we are 2 months on and I’m 15kgs lighter, I have a gym membership that I’m actually using, AND I have a personal trainer. 

Bring on the next 30 days !! 


4 thoughts on “Day 60 Results

  1. Fantastic results, you look great and are obviously feeling so much better as well. I am at a similar stage in my journey back to health. Initially it was hard but now because I feel well and energetic I am loving it.


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