Feel The Burn !!

Today was an awesome day. I spent most of it hanging out with my gorgeous daughter Meg. We did some shopping. Then we went and got our hair cut and blow waved. Then we went and had a massage. It was Meg’s first massage, so it was exciting for both of us. But something happened today that gave me a bit of a reality check. 

In between the shopping and the haircut part, we had some time to kill (because I had mucked up the appointment time, but let’s move on). We decided that a snack was in order prior to the massage so we headed to the sushi bar in the food court. 

I pulled out my phone, did a quick check on my fitness pal for the calories in a sushi roll and then ordered for me and Meg. I refused the offer of a drink from the Sushi man, and then we sat,  drinking our water and eating our low fat sushi. 

For most people this would not be a big deal. It wouldn’t even register as a small event. But for me, it was huge. There I was, sitting in a food court, about 20 feet away from a KFC outlet, eating the healthiest option I could find, and drinking water out of the bottle that I had bought with me in my bag. I looked at Meg and said “how different is this?” Without needing an explanation, she smiled a massive smile at me and said “it’s GREAT Mum.”

My heart melted. 

After our sushi, we got up and started wandering off in the direction of the massage place and who did we bump into? Jamie, my personal trainer ! Being able to introduce Meg to the guy who was helping me with my newfound fitness was a really proud moment for me. I’m not sure she really understood that. I also got to introduce her to the owner of my gym. yep, that’s right. I now have a gym !! And a Jamie !! 


Not once during the day did I have to find an excuse to stop and look for something in my bag because I was breathless and needed a rest. Not once did I make Meg wait while I went outside for a smoke. And not once did I feel awkward or embarrassed clothes shopping. 


Anyone who is reading this (if anyone is) and who may be considering a change of lifestyle. I can only say…do it.

Stop making excuses. Stop letting that voice in your head tell you that you’re going to fail. I’m 43 years old and for the first time in my life, I’m feeling what it’s like to be healthy and to have energy. I am constantly wondering what else I can do if I put my mind to it??

For the first time, I’ve believed in myself, and refused to make excuses or give up on myself. 

You can too xx



Weight Loss Update :

  • Yesterday I hit the big 15 kgs lost !! Woohoo.
  • Today I bought clothes from the regular section, not the fat section.
  • Today I ate a Tim Tam, and that’s ok. Because I just had 1, not a whole packet. 
  • Did I mention I have a trainer?
  • I purchased a bra that did not look like scaffolding or something my nan would wear.

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