Eek I did it again


So, last year I made a promise to myself. And today I broke it.

It was a weird kind of promise, and one that I’m happy I broke. You see I have a history of joining gyms, collecting the little key tag, and then NEVER GOING AGAIN. 

Which reminds me, I have to take the last key tag off my keys. 

The first gym I ever joined was a ladies only gym. It had fancy classes, childcare, a full gym set up, plus a pool with hydro classes… and a spa. I was a member of that gym for a year. I think I did about 3 classes, and 3 gym sessions. The rest of the year I just went and hung out in the spa. 


The second gym I joined was also a ladies gym, but this one had a tiny floor, with a circuit set up. The circuit was made up of different machines. There was ‘motivational’ music pumping through a sound system, and every 2 minutes an obscenely chirpy female voice would call out “Change Stations.” The only problem was, I’m short, so by the time I got on the machine, adjusted the seat and the handlebars or whatever needed adjusting, that chirpy voice was telling me to get off !  I got bored very quickly and never went back. 


The third gym I joined was a good gym. It had heaps of machines, and lots of awesome looking people walking around with bulging muscles. There was even a kickboxing type of set up down the back. They had a big special on memberships, so I took advantage of the price and joined yet another gym. I went 4 times. I felt really intimidated by the muscle bound guys, and girls who looked like sports illustrated models who exercised in full make up and appeared to have no sweat glands. I also didn’t know how to use the machines, and anytime I spotted a staff member, they were too busy ‘lifting bro’ to answer my questions. I lasted about 6 visits to that one. 

Although in my mind, they were legitimate grievances, I’m not sure what I expected to happen each time I joined the gym? I didn’t change my eating habits and I still smoked. It was like I thought that the mere presence of that little magical plastic membership swing tag was going to change my life for me. 

I took myself up to a no frills gym today. Just to look around. I met the owner, who was a very nice guy. I also met one of the personal Trainers (Hello!) who was keen to give me a free session next week. So I had the tour, and cast a wary eye on the guys in there pumping iron. They all made eye contact and smiled. A couple of them even said hello. No grunting, actual words !

While I haven’t made the financial leap yet, I have gotten myself a 7 day trial membership and an appointment with the gym manager on Monday. 

Oh and I also got myself one of these:

Screen Shot 2014-08-16 at 10.46.44 AM

It’s called a FitBit Flex. It’s a wireless step tracker thingy that also tracks your heart rate, monitors your sleep patterns, and lets you sync it with either your smartphone or your Desktop computer. You can log food entries, keep count of your water intake and calories in and out.

Given that I’m on a 12hr nightshift tonight, and I’ve been up all day today, it’s probably going to freak out when trying to track my sleeping cycles. Apparently you can add friends. So if anyone wants to add me as a Fitbit friend and see if it has a meltdown over my lack of sleep, my e mail is

Lastly, I’ve gotten some notifications that people are actually following this blog !! That’s awesome, and surprising. Leave a comment and tell me what you would like to see content wise, and I’ll do my best.

Nikki xx 

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