Day 15

Wow. Ok, so this seems to be working. It’s day 15 and I’m half way through my 30 day program. I’ve lost 6kgs and I’ve just done my half way measurements. 48cms gone !! That’s insane.

I can definitely feel the difference. I seem to be breathing easier, and I feel more comfortable in my clothes. I’m sleeping so much better too. I’ve given up the smokes, which is surprising because I always thought you had to do one or the other. Eat healthy and lose weight while smoking, or eat crap while giving up. I guess I was wrong ! 

I appear to have misplaced one of my chins


My skin definitely looks healthier, and people are asking where my ‘glow’ is coming from. The bags under my eyes are noticeably improved. Overall I’m feeling great about my progress

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